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We've been getting some inquiries of late to hold weddings on our property with a few couples recently searching for a low key, relaxed location for their wedding with the main questions being.

Is there enough room for us to hold the ceremony?

Absolutely, there is ample room to set up a gazebo for your reception, many beautiful spots around the lake are great for a wedding photo shoot, or some dramatic locations only a short drive away if you are looking for something special. I had one adventurous couple suggest they would make the whole wedding party climb the Gloucester Tree for their wedding shoot... but I think they might struggle to find a photographer willing to come up with them!

What about accommodation, we will be bringing 60 guests, can you house us all?
No, that’s too many people… but we can provide accommodation for the bridal party, close family and friends… with the rest being able to stay close by in the Pemberton town center.

Can we help with catering, recommend local providers etc?
We can help with catering, but you’d likely be better off with a wedding specific caterer.  We can certainly help with information about local wedding providers, such as caterers, wedding party hire companies that deliver and setup to Pemberton, local photographers and videographers, celebrants etc

How long in advance do we need to book?
As long as possible, as you would need to book all accommodation to ensure you had the Lavender Farm Grounds to yourselves.  We have many repeat visitors who book the same weekends or weeks at a time, year after year, so contact us early so we can check what dates are possible.

So if a rural, green wedding in a relaxed atmosphere is something you are considering…. Why not get in touch with us today and we will work with you to make your wedding a fantastic day for all.


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