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The increasing popularity of cycling and cycling tourism in Pemberton has been steadily growing over the past few years, and now the Mundi Biddi Trail has just completed the Pemberton section of the route from Mundairing to Albany. The Munda Biddi Trail opened in April 2013 and earned the title of the longest, continuous, off-road cycle trail of its kind in the world.

Cyclists can enjoy 1000 kilometres of uninterrupted off road nature cycling on the Munda Biddi Trail and it is fast becoming recognized as a world class offering for cyclists and cycling tourism. The dirt trail traverses undulating ground and offers the stunning scenery of WA’s bushland and ancient forests. Upon completion of the trail (it’s open but not completed as yet), some more challenging sections will be added for the more advanced cyclists, and riders are able to choose to complete a section of the trail or the entire route.

Groups of 8 or more are required to register with the Department of environment and conservation so that use, maintenance and cyclists safety can be monitored. Day cyclists are welcome on the trail too and registration is not required. There are several locations where the trail can be accessed in Pemberton and the trail is clearly marked on trees and signposts of yellow and blue.

In between towns, the trail has purpose-built and existing public camp grounds located approximately every 30 to 45km along the trail, and many offer a sleeping shelter, covered bike racks, picnic tables, toilets and cleared tent sites. There are water tanks located at the camps also, though it’s recommended that cyclists treat their water before drinking to ensure it’s safe.

We are pleased to have the trail come very close to the Lavender and Berry Farm and as a Munda Biddi cycling approved business we welcome cyclists for meals or overnight accommodation in our chalets.

As an approved business we offer shelter for bikes and all the basics needed for emergency bike repairs. Cyclists can have their water bottled filled with pristine Pemberton rain water for free – all you have to do is ask!

And apart from accessing the Munda Biddi Trail in Pemberton, we also have other great offerings for cyclists which is predominantly the Forest Park Mountain Bike Tracks located in the hilly forests at the edge of town. These range from beginner and family trails, to professional level tracks for the serious mountain bikers. For the less adventurous, a leisurely cycle on the flat bitumen path that loops around Big Brook Dam is also a spectacular and scenic 4km ride. So if you are planning to ride a section of the Munda Biddi Trail, make sure you stop off in Pemberton for a while. If you’re visiting anyway …consider bringing your bike!

More information on the Munda Biddi Trail can be found at:

And information on the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park at:

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