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The Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is the perfect location if you are after adventure, and the Gloucester Tree hasn’t provided you with enough thrills. Mountain biking is a popular activity in Australia, and when you take the Pemberton track, you can indulge in this outdoor pursuit, while soaking up the sun and wonderful natural offerings of the local Pemberton area.

The local Pemberton area is filled with wildlife and natural attractions and the Mountain Bike Track will take you to the centre of it. Can you imagine a better end to your journey into our area, then a mountain bike trip? You will be in the fresh air and enjoying the natural benefits that Pemberton has to offer you.

There are many tracks to choose from in the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, and these suit varying skill levels. If you have raced before and you are experienced, you won’t be disappointed, however if you are still a beginner, or you have never taken to the adventurous sport before, there are still track options for you that will keep you safe and having fun.

Many of the local school groups take to this attraction as part of sporting and outdoor education programs. This means that the track is well established and well organised, with many different levels of tracks to offer. The Pemberton Mountain Bike Track is also perfectly suited to tourists and visitors to the area, who are interested in getting outdoors and trying a local attraction that is different and thrilling. The Pemberton Mountain Bike Track is also suited to families and is a short 5min car ride from Lavender Berry Farm.

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