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“Holy Smoke” is Pemberton’s revered local gourmet shop and they recently began offering  4 course meal hampers which are perfect for overnight Guests to the area.  Hampers vary seasonally in what they contain, though they always include an antipasto platter and all baked goods are made in-house. Since their start up in 2001, Holy Smoke quickly became renowned for their delicious locally smoked trout and chicken, and very quickly a full range of products evolved which are now available at retailers all over the South West of WA and throughout selected stores in the Perth metropolitan area. While hampers do need to be ordered 3 days in advance, this has not been a problem as most guests to the area book their accommodation more than 3 days ahead, and while they are booking their accommodation, can also contact Holy Smoke and book a hamper to pick up from their shop in town. Hampers are priced at around $80 per person for 4 courses. You can contact their store directly at: ph 08 9776 0712 Or email: If you are booking your accommodation at the last minute and are too late to arrange a gourmet hamper, you haven’t missed out completely.  They do operate a small café out of their gourmet shop and you can sample some of their finest wares here.  Their gourmet sandwiches are to die for, and some of course, feature their own smoked products. Local chef Brian has usually been baking some kind of delicious treat in-house and often has a small sample for you to taste …usually it’s just enough to make you want to buy one!! And apart from what you can eat while you’re there, there’s an interesting selection of gourmet products, mostly from the south west region of WA, that you can purchase to take home. Store/Cafe operating hours:    Monday to Friday | 9am – 5pm,  Saturday | 9am – 3.30pm. Here’s some of what you will find in their shop:
  • Soft & Hard Cheeses from various parts of the South West of Western Australia
  • Smallgoods including a range of venison products fresh from Margaret River
  • Marinated seafood, olives, sundried tomatoes
  • Gourmet rolls & salads for lunches
  • Fresh daily Sourdough Bread, San Francisco loaves, Turkish Bread
  • Freshly baked friands to accompany cappuccinos using roasted beans from Yahava Coffee.

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