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"We look funny but we feel cool!"

"We look funny but we feel cool!"

Just before Australia Day the alpaca shearer came by for Haircut day.  "Blackberry" and "Honey" are about 12 months old and so this was their first experience with the shearer. They took it well. Let's face it - first haircuts are never that popular! They have quietly confessed to feeling a little naked but have started to enjoy their new slim look! A few kids laughed at them but they're ok with that.  They like kids a lot.IMG_0208 Honey was a bit self conscious about the "top heavy" look of her head wool and was keen to borrow a hat just for a week weeks, but I talked it down and I think she's forgotten about it now.   In a couple of months their wool will have grown thick and they'll look all cute and cuddly again!   If you like their new look please share this post so I can let them know!    

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