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Gloucester Tree is one of the prime attractions near to Lavender Berry Farm. Just a short trip away from your accommodation in Pemberton, you will discover a magical and enchanted tree that you can climb yourself. This impressive and magnificent tree is located within the national park, and you can climb it yourself, using the staircase and ladders that are constructed throughout the tree. Gloucester Tree is a location to visit if you are seeking an adventurous and inspiring journey that is entirely different to all of the other attractions within the Pemberton area. This is a unique and very special attraction that will leave you feeling confident and buzzing with energy. The local Pemberton area has many natural attractions that will leave you calm and close to nature, however the Gloucester Tree climb allows you to really get involved. You will be inspired by the memories of childhood as you gaze up the tree from the bottom, and you will feel entirely adventurous when you ascend and descend the tree, to the height of 60meters. Enjoy the adventure and soak up the magic of the Gloucester Tree which should certainly be one of the key features in your long list of things to do in the Pemberton area. View Larger Map

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